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I am Masoom, a Front-end Developer and a UX Engineer based in Bangalore, India. I have been creating websites and applications since 4+ years. I started my career as Trainee Web Developer with Thomson Reuters India Pvt. Ltd and been there for 1 year. Later I joined AVR EdGE Networks Pvt. Ltd. as a Front-end Developer and it has been more than 3 years being a part of it. And I love travelling, listening to music and taking good rest.

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The HiringAid
Software Developer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered hiring process. Virtually no room for human errors and biases. Currently, Hiringaid helps to hire tech positions across engineering, product, and data/analytics. They support locations across the US, UK, and India.

Career Pages
Software Developer

H - T A
HireAlchemy - Talent Acquisition
Software Developer

A platform for Skill Development, Talent Acquisition to empower industries, human resources and the job seeker community, to create a community of skilled manpower. This help organizations save time and money by efficient resource management. And, guess what, This help job seekers acquire the right job!

H - I W O
HireAlchemy - Internal Workforce Optimization
Software Developer

An intelligence layer integrates with your HR systems to help transform your workforce.

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  1. Won Warrior in the Shining Armor Award for the contribution in AVR Edge Networks Private Limited.

  2. During 2012-13, I have worked as a Graphic Designer for official magazine SKU HERALD of SKUCET college.

  3. Contributed to the development of SKU HERALD by conducting A DEMO WORKSHOP ON THE BASICS OF ADOBE PHOTOSHOP